Training Notes

The following are links to our training notes:

Vehicle Safety Manual

2018 Training Diary

2018 Training Notes:

CEV Co-ordinator Training

2017 Training Notes:

Module 1 - Health & Safety, Command Control & Comms Systems
Module 2 - Lifejacket training Briefing Notes
Module 4a - Flood Warden training - An introduction
Module 4b - COMEX 2017
Module 6 - Vehicle Training
Module 7 - Snow Warden Training
Module 8 - Crowd Marshalling

2016 Training Notes:

Module 1 - Health & Safety, Command & Control Systems
Module 3 - Major Incident Welcome Slides
Module 3 - Major Incident Wiltshire FRS Slides
Module 4a - Flood Warden Training
Module 5 - Snow Warden Training
Module 7 - Rest Centres
Module 8 - Crowd Marshalling
Module 9 - Vehicle Training

2015 Training Notes:

General CEV Safety Requirements
An Induction to CEVs
Module 1 - Health & Safety, Systems and Communication
Module 2a - Flood Training Introduction
Module 2a - Environment Agency Presentation
Module 2b - Flood Water Awareness Training
Module 2b - Serve On Presentation
Module 4 - Crowd Marshall & Event Training
Module 5 - Snow Warden Training
Module 6 - Public Health Training
Module 7 - Utilities Emergencies
Module 7 - SSEPD Presentation

CEV Coordinators Training Notes

Please also find below our Risk assessments:

BoA CEVRA013 - Flood Training Risk Assessment
BoACEVRA014 - Concert Risk Assessment
CEV Event Plan 001

Please note that simply reading our training notes does not make you a CEV! In order to become a CEV and be covered by our insurance you need to sign up to the scheme using the CEV SignUp forms and try and attend as many of the training evenings as possible. By signing up we'll also ensure you have the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Kind Regards

Paul Robertson

CEV Coordinator