The Snow Code

The snow code promotes safe clearance techniques for you and your neighbours during wintery weather:

The Snow Code

To find out more about how Wiltshire Grit the roads and pavements in the county follow this link:

Wiltshire Gritting Page

The CEVs have their own pre-agreed snow gritting routes with Wiltshire Council for main footpath routes in the town linking important infrastructure. Whilst we will do what we can to undertake these routes we are limited by the amount of grit and the number of volunteers and therefore certain routes may need prioritisation during a snow incident. Please note that the volunteers will only grit pavements on the instruction of Wiltshire Council to the pre-agreed routes. No requests by individuals or organisations can be accepted for gritting other areas.

Snow Resource Location Plan
North West Snow Plan
North East Snow Plan
Central Snow Plan
South West Snow Plan
South East Snow Plan

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