My Flood Plan

This handy document allows you to pre-plan your response to flooding should you property be at risk. Draw a plan of your house in the space provided and note important features such as utility meters and your personal flood protection measures and where they go. Laminate it and stick it on the fridge or somewhere else handy

My Flood Plan

The  Environment Agency does a similar form:

EA Personal Flood Plan

Why not watch our video for further tips:

I also include a link to the Wiltshire Council Sandbag Policy which gives you a guide to the sort of help that Wiltshire can provide and why it is best to pre-plan your own response if possible.

Wiltshire Council Sandbag Policy

Now that the CEVs have flood sacks and sandbags we have also developed our own Sandbag Policy. In the event of a flood we will have to restrict the number of sandbags and gel sacs we give out. Also please note that once we have given them out their safe and responsible disposal is the responsibility of the property owner

BoA TC CEV Sandbag Policy

The CEVs have pre-agreed roles and responsibilities with the Environment Agency, Wiltshire Council, and the Town Council during a flooding Incident. These are set out in our Flood Resource Location Plan.

Flood Resource Location Plan

Whilst we will do our utmost to carry these roles out it is dependent upon the number of volunteers available during the incident and priorities may have to be decided during an incident

Kind Regards

Paul Robertson

BoA TC CEV Coordinator

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