Thursday, 19 November 2015

Missing Persons Training Night

Last night was our missing persons training night where WilSAR, our local friendly search and rescue charity, came and talked to us about the exceptionally valuable work they do across Wiltshire helping the Police search for missing people or undertaking rescue work during flooding. These volunteers are exceptionally committed for the unsung and sometimes tragically grim work they have to do having already been called out dozens of times this year alone.

Many thanks to Gail Leaman the Chair of Wilsar for coming and speaking to our volunteers last night and giving us a small insight into how you operate. The was an interesting chat about how we could potentially work together in the future as well.

Gail Explaining to our volunteers what Wilsar is about

Wilsar despit working closely with the police are wholly supported by public donations. If you would like to make a donation to the important work they do or find out more about them please go to their website

Many thanks

Kind Regards

Paul Robertson

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Fireworks night for local BoA schools...

Last night we had a great evening crowd marshalling for the local fireworks night that was raising thousands of pounds for our local schools. Thousands of people enjoyed a great night out with only one incident very professionally handled by our partners at St John Ambulance. 12 volunteers were out providing a highly visible presence to the evening. This was our biggest evening yet.

Many thanks to all involved in making it such a great and safe evening for everyone.

volunteers ready for their pre-briefing

directing the crowds home whilst providing room for the ambulance
Kind regards
Paul Robertson