CEV Coordinators & Management Committee

This page provides information for CEV Coordinators and describes how we manage our volunteers safely during an incident. We also keep our meeting minutes from our Management Committee on this page as well.

During an incident or event one volunteer will manage the volunteers and coordinate what they are doing with the emergency services and other responder agencies. In order to undertake this role the CEV coordinator has been given some additional training and provided with a step by step 'Plan of Action' to help them ensure the agreed procedures are followed:

Once an incident is established an Incident Log is used to fill in the details of the Incident or Event as the Plan of Action evolves:

The Incident Log provides enough room for a maximum response of 48hrs by the volunteers to an Incident broken down into 6hr rotations so volunteers have a chance to rest.

If a specific incident occurs the CEV Coordinator has an Incident Sheet which acts as a Dynamic Risk Assessment with prompts for the CEVC to ask the volunteer on the ground before deciding on what action to take.

If you are starting your own group you are welcome to use these Word Documents as a basis for your own simple Incident Command and Control System

Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Management Committee Meeting Minutes 001

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