Thursday 3 November 2016

"The Mighty Moose!"...

With the roll out of our new vehicle fast approaching I was chatting to a fellow volunteer about the size of the lightbar on our new vehicle. Bit of a mistake on the part of yours truly in terms of measuring up (or the lack of) but having it mounted on our vehicle did rather remind us of the largest member of the deer family native to North American (Greetings to our US readers by the way. There have been a lot of you lately and you are most welcome to our site - I hope you are finding it of interest)

Do you think we should make it official? I've been assured we shall have our vehicle in time for November 5th (This Saturday) when we are crowd marshalling for our local Bonfire Night. A quaint British custom of celebrating the foiling of a plot to blow up our parliament several hundred years ago by burning an effigy of the ring leader (Guy fawkes) on a big fire, and eating seasonal fruit on a stick covered in rock hard toffee (Fun for all the family!).

In Bradford on Avon we don't burn a Guy anymore and its candy floss and burgers rather than toffee apples (Easier on the teeth!). Last year we looked after 4000 people so our 19 volunteers are hopefully going to be busy again!

If your in the area do come along as all money raised goes to our local schools for purchasing extra stuff and feel free to say hello and hopefully admire our vehicle!

Kind Regards

Paul Robertson

Senior Coordinator

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