Tuesday 13 September 2016

CEV Group Starter Pack

If having read through the pages here you've thought that your community could do with a CEV group then why not set one up. We have now produced a starter pack for other communities to learn from our experience and start your own scheme. There is nothing to stop you, whether you community is vulnerable to flooding, snow, power failure, or a range of different scenarios this pack is aimed to point you in the right direction. Whilst it is primarily written with communities in Wiltshire UK there is nothing stopping other communities in Britain or internationally from building on the work we have been doing in Bradford on Avon, and hopefully we in turn can learn lessons from you

With Climate change rapidly quickening the impact and prevalence of civil emergency events across the globe here is a chance for grass-root communities to pro-actively prepare themselves from the bottom up linking in with government agencies and the voluntary sector from the top down. Similar schemes are in operation in other countries from CERT schemes in the US to SES schemes in Australia. If you want to do more to help you community speak to your local community and help to build community resilience where you live

Starter Pack Link

Kind Regards

Paul Robertson

Senior CEV Co-ordinator

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