Sunday 19 June 2016

Test driving a 4x4...

Following the successful application for the SSEPD Community Resilience Fund we went to Bath Honda yesterday to test drive a Great Wall Steed. If you haven't heard of the make well nor had I until a few months ago. They are very big in China evidently, as well as selling lots in Australia and South Africa although they are called something different. Simon was the test driver whilst I tested out the passenger seats for comfort and knee room. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all and the general consensus was that this type of vehicle would be eminently suitable for all the various needs that we require from it. Just need to find a model for the correct price, spec and colour and then hopefully we can get it on order and sent to the local coachbuilders to be fitted out and liveried.

The vehicle we test drove
If you like the thought of helping us drive and maintaining this vehicle why not volunteer with us?

Kind Regards

Paul Robertson

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