Thursday 21 April 2016

Flood Warden Refresher Training...

We had our first Flood Warden Refresher training last night with a good attendance of volunteers from Melksham and Bradford on Avon as well as our colleagues from Dorset and Wiltshire FRS Bradford on Avon crew. A big thank you to Geo Design Barriers for providing such a great demonstration (in the failing light!) of so many different types of flood barrier. It was really good to see. As well as talking about our own roles, we also were happy to welcome back our colleagues from The Environment Agency who gave us the background and wider picture as to how the warning system works and what triggers it.

The smallest barrier type being displayed

Erecting the Intermediate Sized barrier
Stage 1 - Erecting Supports

Stage 2 - Fixing Spacers

Stage 3 - Fixing Panels / Corner Pieces

Stage 4 - On with the waterproof liner and chain weight

Stage 6 - Completed barrier

A really useful practical demonstration on how these types of barriers go together by Geo Design Barriers (Many thanks Britt and Stephen).

Looking forward to our flood water awareness training starting next month!

Kind Regards

Paul Robertson

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