Monday 28 December 2015

How can my community prepare for Severe weather...?

With the current flooding in Northern England along with other severe weather events effecting our communities more often due to the potential effects of climate change it can be very worrying for communities who live and work near rivers and coasts. Whilst setting up a community group cannot prevent flooding it can help communities be better prepared, reducing the initial impact of an event, and ensure the community recovers more quickly from the incident. Locally trained and organised volunteers are also invaluable to the local emergency services who find the local knowledge of the community invaluable when responding to incidents.

Training of volunteers is key

Whether you wish to concentrate on multiple issues effecting your community or a single main issue the most important first step is contacting your local Council or in the case of flooding The Environment Agency. They can help provide support in terms of funding, equipment, and training.
We have also taken on other roles to try and ensure that we make the most of our volunteers such as Snow Wardens, Utilities Wardens, and crowd marshalling at local events, but you don't have to be so ambitious for your scheme as every situation is different.
Supporting our local community
So if your community is at risk there is something you can do. Either start or join a community flood warden scheme. Contact your local Councils Emergency Planning Department or your local Environment Agency Community Officers for further information and help
Kind Regards
Paul Robertson
Senior CEV Coordinator

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