Thursday 15 October 2015

Utilites Training Evening...

Many thanks to Nick and Helen from SSEPD and Lianne from Wessex Water for providing us with such an informative training session last night. Sorry you couldn't make it to the evening yourself Lianne but our best wishes for your speedy recovery from a very nasty cold that has laid you low. I did my best to stand in and all the volunteers agreed it was an interesting evening.

Nick from SSEPD (On the left) explaining about their fine model

A close up of the model showing how their grid works in a crisis

Our resident Electrical Engineer taking a keen interest!

Nick Explaining the finer points of power distribution

This was our first meeting back in the Fire Stations rebuilt meeting room and very nice it was to!
Next month is Wiltshire Search and Rescue - I for one am looking forward to it
Kind Regards
Paul Robertson
Senior CEV Coordinator

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