Sunday 12 July 2015

Our First Crowd Marshalling Event....

A damp afternoon by the river was our first outing as Crowd Marshalls to look after the picnickers at the BoA Fringe Festival in the gardens of Kingston House. Well done to Barney, Simon, Mike and John for agreeing to turn up and get wet for the cause, as well as trying out our new kit! Its great to see it being put to use at last. It is also great to be able to make a visible presence in the community and making a positive contribution to events in town.

Mike and John man the gate with a welcoming smile!
Barney and Simon keeping an eye on the river (Note throwline at the ready)

The hardy crowds defying the weather to listen to the choirs in the lovely gardens

There are plenty more events scheduled in for the rest of the year but this was a good one to get under our belt...

Kind Regards

Paul Robertson

Senior Coordinator

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