Friday 15 May 2015

Flood Water Awareness Training - Part 2

Despite the gloom and rain an excellent practical training evening was had at Barton Farm Country Park last night. Serve On were on hand again to provide expert advice on land based rescue techniques. Well done to Barney for volunteering to get wet for the cause and apologies to those who had volunteered for a soaking but we couldn't fit in. Time and daylight were against us!

(Serve On Instructors demonstrating wading techniques - Barton Farm)

Whilst we won't be entering the water it was good to see how the professionals do it and the sort of kit required.

Our main rescue equipment will be the throw line - a very useful bit of kit - and all the volunteers had ample opportunity to get to grips with it, firstly on grass and then throwing to one of our instructors in the water and guiding him into the bank.

(Our victim is spotted in the water - image Sarah Kelly WC)

(A line is thrown to him and he is pulled to a part of the bank suitable for safe extraction - image Sarah Kelly WC)

(Our victim is rescued and walks off to get wet again! - image Sarah Kelly WC)

(Dave Dunford from Serve On tells us what we have done right or wrong! - image Sarah Kelly WC)

A big thank you to Dave Dunford and the guys from Serve On who did such a great job of guiding us through the various techniques. It was also nice to welcome Sarah and Ben from Wiltshire Councils Emergency Planning Team (Thank you for the images) who came to observe but soon got stuck in with the rest of us! We'll get you in the water next year!

(Our Volunteers observe proceedings from a safe distance.)

Thank you to Wiltshire Countryside Ranger Service for letting us use Barton Farm and to Barney for the chocolates to keep us going!

See you next month for Events and our First Aid training day!

Kind Regards

Paul Robertson

CEV Senior Coordinator

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